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You Can Pay less for New Business Development!

You can pay less for new business development specialties.   In fact, you can…

Pay Less For New Business Development Headlines!

Believe it, you can promote your new business development content marketing for less with successon the internet.   You can get ideas from the top search engines that are publishing unique headlines they want on the first page.

 Specifically, content and keywords that are related to your business, website, product or service headline, title, or topic.  For example…

Why should you buy our R&D Hidden Search Categories? The Search Engines decided in 2011 to make search easier. Their goal was to help consumers or others find things they want information about on the internet. Now the top search engines are re-purposing content marketing headlines or keyword phrases. New descriptions are being developed by the search engines too. The search engine tactic helps the top search engines get more traffic for their sponsored ads.

Re-purposing means taking content or keyword phrases and republishing them into different and multiple things. For example, the re-purposing tactic could mean the publishing of one or more (multiple) descriptions of an article or case study. In other words an article, case study, etc. could appear not only the original search category but several others at the same time. Since you have no idea where such re-purposing exists, the re-purposing tactic is hidden. However, the good new is, “Our R&D Finds Your Hidden Things for You”.

If it is already out there on the Internet, aren’t I already getting benefits? No.

Why do I need to buy your services? You are not already getting benefits. It is hidden. If it is already out there, it is not being utilized correctly. When someone clicks on the repurposed link (content & keyword), they will not find what they are looking for. They will leave. But the Search Engines hope they will click on their sponsored ads. That is the reason for the Search Engines re-purposing.

How will this help me? When we find the Hidden Search Categories and there are sponsored ads, the likelihood of there being traffic is very high. They will click on your link versus the sponsored ads because they are not wanting a sponsored ad. They want what they are looking for in their natural search. They will probably click on your link. Thus bringing you traffic you are not getting now. Your information will hook them. It would behoove you to implement our R&D Hidden Search Category to bring the traffic not coming to your website from these Hidden Search Categories.

How do you send traffic from these Hidden Search Categories to my Website? We use a specific Business Development Process set up on our ABCOS website to send traffic to your Website from these hidden categories. We do not change your Website at all.

Summary: We help you find Hidden Search Category links using our unique R& D.

We will bring you more traffic to your Website and Possibly more customers. You are missing out on this hidden traffic.



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